Much screen of series of IH4 of British Datapath company blocks the introduction

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The board card of Datapath IH4 series can provide the function of much screen joining together of high quality, its apply on video wall or the application of many screen controller, in a system, can make desktop window patulous come 32 screen (support 36 greatly most) , offer in all screen and the functional choice that cross screen.
IH4 series cent is 3 large model, have IH4, IH4-PRO and IH4-DIG respectively, introduce respectively below: Datapath IH4 Offer graph of 4 screen joining together to show calorie Contain 4 64 Savage4-pro graphs to quicken chip respectively, the indication memory of every passageway is 16MB show put (4 passageways are aggregate 64MB) . 4 DVI are outputted, the resolution of every support is as high as 1280 X 1024 (number) reach 1600 X 1200 (imitate) . In an unitary PC system, can join 8 pieces of IH4 get stuck, support shows to 32 screen. Datapath IH4-PRO Besides all functions that include IH4 and norms, IH4-PRO offers the video input of high quality to show, realize function of video joining together. The video presentation that offers quadruplet high quality (every screen shows a group) . The size of video window can adjust arbitrarily, can put position of random of Yu Bing act more (every screen can show a group video only) . Offer 4 compound video and input of 2 S-Video signal. (among them VIM is a group of options, provide the function of above) Use VisionSwtich 16 or the input opening that 32 video can increase video to come 16 or 32. The video that supports PAL, NTSC and SECAM makes type. The card of 8 pieces of IH4-Pro can be held on the controller that covers PC, support shows to 32 screen. Can offer options: VIM or VisionSwitch
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