Datapath video switch blocks the video of PCI bus line to change matrix

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  • Of bus line of 32 PCI card insert card.
  • 16 imitate video inputs interface, 16 imitate video outputs interface.
  • Block join with much screen of Datapath Horizon 4VW-Pro or IH4-Pro directly.
  • Can expand the join of one machine much card.
  • Support the drive below WindowsNT, Windows2000.
  • Offer SDK development kit of application.

Regard a general video switch adapter as the design: Datapath Vision Switch offers program of whole switch of video of 16 X 16, the biggest video switch can increase to 16 X 32 or 16 X 32.

Vision Switch is offerred in the Windows NT, 2000 drive that reach XP to fall, the software that accredit user perhaps can think to use proper motion to develop through controlling video matrix controls corresponding Vision Switch, its offer corresponding development application process and software development kit.

On the much screen card that Vision Switch can allow to use Datapath Horizon 4VW, IH4-Pro, on the adapter that makes graphic card, pass internal compressed cable, make Switch and Horizon 4VW photograph join, choose 1-16 thereby the source input of video, a piece of Vision Switch can support the graphic card of 4 pieces 4VW.

Model: Vision Switch-H: Can with Datapath our company Horizon 4VW-Pro/DIG card is linked together use. Vision Switch-SA: The video switch that uses of an average level independently gets stuck. Norms:
  • PCI: 2.2 applicable (3.3V/5V)
  • Dimension: 100 X 240mm
  • The biggest voltage inputs: 2V Rms
  • Bandwidth: 0-60Mhz(-3dB)
  • Noise interval is worth: - 83dB At 20kHz
  • THD: 0.002% At 20kHz
  • Gain: X 1 arrives 75 ohmic
  • Power source: 1.5 made of baked clay
  • Switch time: 50ns

Join: It is means of significant link of Datapath Vision Switch below:
  • Connect of D of collect of high density of road of 2 X 26 dowel joint is located in on the backboard of card, use at join input and output cable
  • 4 groups of 20 Lu Bian smooth cable receive thrum, allow link at most 4 Datapath Horizon get stuck
  • Heads of 1 group of wiring of 20 compressed cable can interrelate with card of Datapath Vision TV
  • Head of wiring of 2 groups of 20 compressed cable can interrelate with card of the 2nd Datapath Vision TV


    Vision Switch - H deploys a multichannel to divide wire cable, use as video input, and deploy a compressed and plastic cable to make patulous use.

    Vision Switch - SA can deploy 2 multichannel to divide wire cable to offer video input and output, every cable assembles at 26 D connect, it is 16 BNC head additionally directly (coaxial end) , cable length is 600mm.
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