Much screen blocks technical skill: Much screen shows the applied field of card

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If your job is the information with much processing, graph, character, program and application software, these things swarm your week besiege to circling you; Come to here please, you can discover much screen got stuck to solve these irritated heads for you.
Much screen shows card can make a PC supports monitor of plane of monitor of much stage VGA, television or DVI number, apply for current figure picture only and it is designed, undertake below Windows a variety of moving parameter develop design, editor, control, multimedia especially.
Much screen shows clip is not simple many monitor show many identical content, the picture that differs severally shows on many screen however, can show the assorted big picture of joining together.
The real good point of much screen technology depends on can increasing working window size not just, more important is the working window that pass a PC and realizes more differring, the job that is you provided wide spatio-temporal field.
We provide highest performance/price ratio in much screen card.
It is workstation system or solution of optimal of desktop video system. Our product reflected current and newest technology and application.
Commerce of finance, banking
The mass data information that many screen can exchange processing offers you in time. Professional user includes company of business of bank, manager and financial company to wait.
The process of manufacturing industry is controlled
Arrive from workshop in the center of control room, much screen shows can show at the same time with all possible means information, make the user can see all and relevant data. Its function: Call the police management, data logging, factory is panoramic show, circular control, process is optimized, batch is received store and take collect control to wait thick and fast.
Center of public security, emergency treatment, traffic and railroad attemper
Can make of the computer auxiliary attemper have taller efficiency and bigger effect. Operator can be inputted at the same time and monitor text information, for example name, address. And become appear when emergencies, can display emergencies spot and traffic relief map at the same time.
Engineering field
The computer that is most advanced workstation is additional design (CAD) offerred the solution with practical economy.
Video image edits
Expand the content of a monitor Shuang Bing or much screen, can offer editor more editor detail and process, make editor can produce better work with taller efficiency.
Spaceflight, the satellite blasts off
Solid duration occupies exchange, much screen is inspected match implement the data image information that can exchange processing offers you in time.
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