Much screen card uses medium common breakdown phenomenon and settle way

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One, had been installed became good much screen gets stuck, when opening computer power source, hear successive Di Di voice and cannot be the computer started (grow 3 acoustical weak point for normally) how be to return a responsibility after all?
1, much screen blocks a likelihood to was not inserted completely insert groove
Put out computer power source, unplug next video get stuck and insert newly again on. Start the computer afresh
2, the computer has jump the line was dropped. Phone a technology to so that proper configuration jumps,support line
3, the likelihood on the computer has and the other video of this calories of conflict gets stuck. Unplug redundant video blocks the new computer that start
4, if your computer has compositive show clip (in advocate board on) , put out compositive show clip and start the computer afresh (search in computer manual about putting out compositive the specification that shows clip)

2, doesn't monitor have image and cannot be the computer started?
Your computer is using the likelihood to be shown otherly card or compositive show clip (in advocate board on) decide indication equipment. Shut compositive show clip or unplug show clip additionally, the new computer that start (search in computer manual about putting out compositive the specification that shows clip)

3, there is a character to appear on monitor, but didn't the computer appear the picture that start?
1, the likelihood is the computer the port that starting does not have join monitor. the monitor on all port join
2, your computer may not support PCI bridge facility. So that upgrade,search computer user manual systematic BIOS

4, in the installation in WINDOWS NT operating system much screen gets stuck hind, my computer can enter mode of Chan Bing VGA only. The computer that how can you just let me enters much screen mode?
1, SERVICE PACK3 must be installed in WINDOWS NT (or taller version) hind ability supports much screen to show
2, if PCANYWHERE32 was installed on the computer, criterion the Aw_host in list of the equipment in Control Panel must be do not allow

5, had installed much screen card and driver, but can see La Bing only on my computer, how can you just make the desktop shows?
Try will all port and monitor to be linked together please. Much screen blocks default setting to be all port to all be linked together with monitor. The reason that cannot see a top of a table may be you joined only a monitor

6, only 3 monitor and 4 screen card are linked together, have partial top of a table cannot complete show. The computer ability that how configures me uses 3 screen show only?
You need to change indication attribute setting, much screen blocks default setting to be horizontal setting of types of all port level to show. Open Control Panel, doubleclick SETARRAY to change indication alignment property, the level indication setting is computer of your place connective to count 3, will perpendicular show set for 1. Press save pushbutton, save a setting
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