Card of ELSA MV2200 much screen was about to appear on the market ceremoniously

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Recently, inc. of science and technology of international of moxa Er Sha (ELSA) rolled out series of ELSA ATI Fire MV2200 ceremoniously workstation of two 2D graph shows clip, used PCI and PCI-Express interface respectively. Among them the Fire MV2200 of PCI interface basically is those who be aimed at workstation of figure of partial old money upgrade to need and be designed, of utmost managing the charge that system of 2D professional user upgrades; And the Fire MV2200 of PCI-Express interface, basically suit now the PCI-Express market of the mainstream, show put achieve 128M. Fire MV2200 series uses platelet model, low Profile half high design, buildup double screen shows the function makes its can join imitate shows at the same time show with the number, bring an user more agile selections.

Brand-new the ELSA ATI Fire MV2200 of the design uses ATI RV370 to make core, because this owns transcendental indication property, its show core frequency is as high as 325mHz, memory frequency more amount to 400mHz. Fire MV2200 can support DX9 not only, and have 128M exceed old memory, these hardware standards are shown in existing 2 dimension workstation is inconceivable in card, can offer exceed their multiple indication performance. In interface respect, MV2200 used the general DMS59 on industry to control interface, send through adding turn wiring, provide the function that double head outputs, resolution can be as high as 1048*1536, the user can realize a variety of output mode easily. Indication character is the strong dense of ATI, express especially after application is apart from tine function instead now, can not pass to affect its performance more. ELSA ATI Fire MV2200 has made the product with 2D professional highly competitive market.



Regard Shuang Bing of a 2D as the product, the choice of double screen setting of Fire MV also is very rich. Above all ELSA designed a brand-new drive for MV2200, below the mode of Microsoft.pramework.version1.1, offer a convenient, concise, beautiful CCC to control a center. The center is controlled in this, you can define your style oneself, decide oneself position, change the use way such as the clone of double screen, patulous, independence at any time, most important is not to need to start a system afresh. When changing pattern, all 2 dimension double screen show clip before this must start a system afresh.

Amount to 18 to be able to define the control that heat up key, provide desktop management function more. Amount to 9 different desktops to run different applied program for you, can support the function such as transparent, enlarge!
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