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The invention of automation line and a milepost that gaining ground is manufacturing industry progress, it improved the manufacturing efficiency of every worker greatly, and lower error rate greatly. Operate well and truly to make a worker can rapid, every above automation line the specification of the operation standard of working procedure, sketch map and quality standard is indispensable, need to put on one to look in the place of every working procedure then board, show the specific requirement of this line working procedure. And if product line changed product model, need to will look board change entirely, will appear otherwise serious quality accident brings about product line to break down even. General meeting has many to look on a product line board, according to operating circuit how many and calm, change complete set looks board the job is in charge of by person specially assigned for a task on common product line, his job wants already efficient cannot give any mistakes again.

On modern product line, to improve efficiency, lower error rate, already a lot of produce an enterprise to will look board the electron is changed, make place of model of every birth product look correspondingly beforehand board file, store in existence database. And on product line look board (white board) changed a liquid crystal display or plasma monitor. Such, once need switch to produce other type product, need those who call corresponding product to look only board file, the operation standard of all flow is met synchronism changes correctly entirely.

The much screen information that state science and technology of the star rolls out shows plan has been in progressively investment uses countrywide each district on a lot of product line, improved the efficiency of product line management greatly. And, the notional application that near future of state science and technology is discussing will long-range managing with a few associate of manufacturing industry again arrives in product line management, and the much screen that uses thin client computer in product line end shows a solution. Such, make systematic moving government more safe, convenient on one hand, the handiwork on the leader that administrator does not need to run to automation line even changes look board file, the core system that be operated directly in control center however or runs through production is direct automata. On the other hand, because the terminal on product line used the program of thin client computer, become more stable, feebleminded bad news, low breakdown, even if gave an issue, also need to change only hardware of thin client computer, and need not worry look board the data of the file is missing, because all data are full,go up in long-range central server.

The near future, the much screen of state science and technology of the star shows plan is in the world again the investment on two product line inside the manufacturer house that limited company of international of increase of volume of manufacturer of ODM of machine of the biggest POS builds in Shanghai is used, see board canal manage as product line solution. The much screen of the state science and technology that believes a star shows plan to be able to produce effect on more product line, the management that is product line provides efficient measure.
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