Much screen technology and much screen card place brief introduction

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Why do we need much screen card?

If your job is the information with much processing, wait a moment like image, character, video. You must be in all sorts of frequent switch that use a program busy. Although 25 inches monitor also cannot satisfy your requirement. So you need card of a many screen to help you.

All sorts of software that much screen card can make need, information is in on respective screen in the meantime the biggest change show. For instance: Handle word watch, you can express this word directly the file manages from the resource of WINDOWS implement pull a word to express processing software. Perhaps part on two screen the biggest change open WEB browser and email government program.

Anyhow, much screen system can make you work more Shu Xin, more efficient.

How many hold can you support at most in a system?

The measure of the biggest screen that place can support by your computer advocate board the PCI that go up inserts groovy number to decide; That is to say advocate board on how many PCI inserts groove to be able to insert how many card (1 screen, 2 screen, 4 screen / every calories) , corresponding have how many hold.

How should place monitor, those set pattern?

Usually, the driver that much screen blocks can detect automatically share how many screen. All screen number will be used below acquiescent condition, and be a level arrange.

(1) the acquiesce that uses card of a two screen arranges (2 × 1) :

(2) the acquiesce that uses card of a 4 screen arranges (4 × 1) :

Of course, you also can pass WINDOWS Control Panel medium " SetArray " will undertake installing according to oneself specific need.

A 4 screen block you to be able to install horizontal number be " 3 " , perpendicular number is " 1 " (3 × 1) criterion eventuate:

Or you also can install horizontal number to be " 2 " , perpendicular number is " 2 " (2 × 2) , criterion eventuate:

How convenient designation uses the screen that program window is in and position?

We are in the drive that follows card dish in offerred to be called " MOVER " the tool that cut screen. This is a software that uses Yu Qiebing technically, use very convenient. After be being installed, WINDOWS condition column is right conference playing role appears its icon. Undertake installing according to need, you can appoint the position of the window, and the window is opened in which.
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