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Perfect visual sense enjoys tall sex price to be judged than one by one of homeb

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View the demand of sports match in the light of consumer, the writer is special recommend product of TV of mainstream overflow liquid crystal, make picture of each classical passion gets be reflectinged adequately on TV, be just as spot edition to experience. Accordingly, the friend of TV of choose and buy of plan of hope near future pays close attention to more, do not miss this rare opportunity.

Natural light shows TV of liquid crystal of glamour TCL L40M9FR alone

Referenced price: 9999 yuan

Outward appearance of TV of TCL L40M9FR liquid crystal is very fashionable, whole still was to employ relatively popular black, exceed fine frame to won't let a person feel ponderosity absolutely, what the white arc of face plate lower part broke rectangular face plate is depressing, also added a bright color for black airframe. Compositive the sound box with face plate lower part, cave upcountry a bit, its conceal type to design the limelight that also won't reave airframe absolutely. Wide, fruity base designs ably be in harmony to be an organic whole.

Perfect visual sense enjoys tall sex price to be judged than one by one of homebred liquid crystal

TV of TCL L40M9FR liquid crystal

TV of TCL L40M9FR liquid crystal used FULL HD to exceed hold of careful completely high-definition liquid crystal, resolution achieves 1920 × 1080, brightness 500cd/m2, dynamic contrast is 20000:1, answer time 4ms. TV of TCL L40M9FR liquid crystal used DDHD3 number trends completely high-definition chip, bright beauty colour carries illuminant on the back (XWCG-CCFL) , used technology of screen of color of new blue any crystalline substance, can offer film mode, panoramic mode watch pattern. And of cold screen technology join can make sure screen is used for long more still maintain inferior temperature, defer screen ageing effectively.

The advanced and natural optical technology that TV of TCL L40M9FR liquid crystal used TCL own research and development, can imitate environment to close mediumly inspect a condition, adjust screen brightness according to bedroom brightness. Not only the effect that can have to protect vision, still can reduce TV specific power consumption effectively 50% the left and right sides. Serve as to be able to record TV, TV of TCL L40M9FR liquid crystal deployed PVR to follow heart collection, days emersion function, need not worry miss any wonderful instants. In addition, this machine still has an incoming telegram to connect, Tong Suo and colour are adjusted wait for practical function.

And phonic effect respect, TV of TCL L40M9FR liquid crystal introduced cereal of sound of DDAS number trends, system of environmental school sound, pure number meritorious service is put, can nicer reductive and true voice, make user hour is in position of optimal sound field.
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