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Do not move not to regret 10 fall high greatly a check of liquid crystal TV

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Act on completely below " do not buy best, sell only the most expensive " , and " all unscrupulous merchant are to point to a tiger " prices of TV of plasma of the flat TV that the principle recommends a week to have value most to everybody, liquid crystal TV and quote change circumstance: The sex of these products how does valence comparing make a speech even big groups finally after all gift is nice, its quote also offers reference only!

The 10th: Suo Ni admiral 46 inches of liquid crystal 19990 yuan

Model: Suo Ni KLV-46W380A of television of 46 inches of liquid crystal

Referenced price: 19990 yuan

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Do not move not to regret 10 fall high greatly a check of liquid crystal TV

8 years price of high-end model KLV-46W380A is Suo Ni 19990 yuan, the price when than going out still is reduced many. Suo Ni KLV-46W380A has 1080P completely high-definition resolution, Motionflow100Hz times doubler standard of colour gamut of drive of liquid crystal of engine of processing of image of version of major of fast drive technology, BRAVIA ENGINE Pro, 10-bit, X.v.Colour and WCG-CCFL are bright beauty colour is in a poor light the forward position such as the source high-end technology, the selection of second admiral class is attributed in flat of Suo Ni series.

A word comments on the price: Suo Ni admiral 46 inches, eventually by me when 20000 yuan the following.