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Market of machine of an organic whole of digital TV the first year of an era or

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On sports competition ground, the athlete exhibits skill greatly, compete for championship; Outside stadium, competitive configuration is more colourful, with commerce competition is most. However, both stay dot is identical, be in namely of overmatch drive, promote whole actual strength, let people experience " faster, taller, stronger " times. Just former expression is on athletics level, type of latter system reveal one's true features is industrial economy.

Build Olympic Games express train or bus, all trades and professions showed driving development tendency. And most the nature that grabs an eye is television industry, after all the person that the spot watchs the game is minority, more people enjoy great event of Yo of this an organic whole through TV. Be based on this, if why experience in TV appearance the athletics of be personally on the scene is enthusiastic, people had more expecting to the television.

To TV industry, this is a challenge, it is a good luck more. Standing vice-chairman Wang Ning is in chamber of commerce of pardonable China electron market of TV of flat of number of the 4th China says on development forum, 2008 is us a year when true flat TV develops at full speed, also be the first year of an era or the reign of an emperor that flat TV digitlizes.

Flat TV new chance

In recent years, development of market of global flat TV is swift and violent. ISuppli data shows, 2007, shipment of global flat color television measures more than 90 million; Volume of shipment of global flat color television amounted to 114 million 2008, take colour TV the 55 % of overall market.

And market of spending of TV of our country flat begins to start 2005, in 3 years of time, the TV company person of our country tries water ceaselessly, feel in joys and sorrows of life climb boil dozen, await Nie.

Guo Dexuan says president of estate of multimedia of vise general manager of Inc. of long rainbow electric equipment, long rainbow: "The person of flat TV is done in Chinese market, basically be work laboriously does poineering work, however impoverished. However impoverished..

Why such?

The key of the problem is Chinese enterprise does not master upriver screen resource. Market demand is very big, and upriver screen natural resources is limited, often be to money cannot be bought, virtually became the bottleneck that the company grows.

Want to show itself in competition, very important is the perpendicular conformity that domestic colour TV must have industrial catenary depth. Because, the major on original division of labor and horizontal administrative levels competes already the competition that transition is conformity of whole industry catenary.

However, rise momently from what share of flat TV market exceeds CRT, was destined of CRT times terminative, flat television had received the old standard of TV industry.

Domestic flat TV consumed demand to achieve 4.95 million first half of the year 2008, guard estimation, the demand of TV of flat of home of second half of the year can achieve 7.2 million 2008. 2008 annual compared to the same period amplitude hopeful achieves 50 % .
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