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The American number TV of inside and outside of encircle a city

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American is one of countries that the whole world loves to watch TV most probably. Average every American spends the time in the television to be as high as 4 hours everyday, this also is one of matters that make American TV industry develop. American sees sports program besides love besides, TV series, interview kind, show of true even person is its place love.

Since American loves to watch TV so, spend TV shift should meet attract a lot of people to join! The answer however rather. VerizonWireless of the United States a year ago rolls out the mobile TV that supports by MediaFLO technology to serve VCast above all, AT&T also used same technology to roll out similar service in May 2008. But the basis is the closest M:M of market research organizationThe investigation of Etrics shows, although connect the number that passes program of mobile phone teleview to be in all the time,grow, but its scale still occupies user of all mobile phone only 1% the left and right sides.

Someone says is screen too small, someone says is lunar rent charge too tall, someone says channel the mobile phone type that too little, someone says teleview disrelishs price even more not quite too expensive, someone says to be not smoked at all give time to look, surface of anyhow square field says reasonably.

Because be like the Vu of LG mobile phone that AT&T rolls out in the light of mobile TV, although its screen achieves 7.6 centimeters (3 inches) , but 300 dollars still must be spent to buy after signing service contract, and every month still gets pay rent charge of 15 dollars month, and the program that can watch 10 channel only. Roll out with such means, pardonable consumer does not buy its account book.

And although use,understand the MediaFLO technology that roll out high rise exceedingly smooth, open rate is rapid also, the switch between channel is not slow also, the feeling resembles watching TV in the home same. But a variety of measures that because business of mobile battalion motion is dear,want to earn more money from inside consumer hand and be dallied with, also be to should serve what cannot create broad ring in the market advocate so one.

In recent years the United States a lot of originally the mobile phone with good make up one's mind serves, be done to be bungled by battalion motion him business. Pardonable apple and Goolge want to use additional kind means enters a mobile phone to serve the market, because they can serve from the point of the angle of consumer more, provide a service then.

In addition, the person that has reached the United States knows, the main vehicle that lives in the United States is a car. Because of this shift TV to driving a group of things with common features for, appeal is very little. So American mobile battalion carries business can put the end in the urbanite that takes the subway only, but how many time they have to but how many time they have,view and admire mobile TV? Does Kenbuken spend 15 dollars every months to view and admire the mobile TV that has 10 channel only?
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