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The author is passed in Beijing country beautiful, big medium because get,a few large color television sell a salesperson place understanding the influence of the Olympic Games, national endowment brand special get attention, especially TCL, Kang Jia, long rainbow. We sell for everybody introduction below most before sufferring those who pay close attention to flat TV 5 products, you are interested in believe to total meeting has.


The product of a high end in TV of flat of series of TCLE9 of TCL L42E9FR department, this TV is television of a when TCL rolls out at the beginning of May completely high-definition liquid crystal, for better race to control 5. The market of one gold holiday is measured, TV of TCL L42E9FR liquid crystal not only the exterior design that owns high-end function, substantial price and vogue, suit the high-end choice of the masses user very much.

Nishi plum examine does the Yu Xuan of exterior design draw materials of TV of TCL L42E9FR liquid crystal the inspiration of city wine red, model the celestial being bone with an elegant product and perceptual tender feelings. Red spy some is luxurious the colour that is full of connotation again however richly is idiosyncratic, cooperate as the simple sense like rich and generous silk, abound the colour that the history and culture accumulate and space are applied aestheticly, vogue and classic posture confluence, times add warmth and comfortable touch.

Sell explore the near future most suffer TV of attention liquid crystal to comment on

TV of TCL L42E9FR liquid crystal

1920 × were used in TV of liquid crystal of performance side, TCL L42E9FR the liquid crystal face plate with the completely high-definition 10bit of 1080, 10bit chip can more of the element of control liquid crystal with accurate essence, filmy transistor choose outfit, implementation allows to show to the essence of picture detail. At the same time, this TV still introduced brand-new the 3rd generation chip of DDHDIII of integrated chip platform joins in, your enough of TV of L42E9FR liquid crystal gets used to any slashing high-definition indication demand. In addition, this TV still joined TCL original creation " natural optical technology " , can drop the fatigue move of the eye apparently, rise to protect the effect of the eye.

TV of TCL L42E9FR liquid crystal still designed the function that infinite and spatio-temporal all-round copies. Pass hard disk is received outside using, realized absoluteness free transcribe and days translation function. TV of TCL L42E9FR liquid crystal still joined TCL patent particular " the incoming telegram is connected " function, can hint automatically the signal source that receives newly, automatic screen does not have the channel of signal source, what reduced an operation greatly is trival, this is why major flat market is cool during the Olympic Games and this TV still gets one of accounts that hold in both hands, a lot of users hope collection of will wonderful sports match whole journey falls.
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