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Accuse valence to begin to sell in the round most dot of grail of overflow liqui

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Lively degree photograph of Jin Duoyin is contended for to compare on competition ground with Olympic Games good athlete, flat TV market appears quiet much. Appear after opening contest besides the Olympic Games that weekend beyond tide of consumer scare buying, sell a sale status and differ at ordinary times very few, main reason is many manufacturers undertake charging price to the type below the banner, and consumer also manages money wait-and-see. Since a week, suo Ni charges price strict, samSung and Toshiba also begin to implement strategy charging price, but had not affected whole brand, and depreciate considerably the type that outstanding sex price compares is not much.

   LA40A550P1R of TV of SamSung liquid crystal

Accuse valence to begin to sell in the round most dot of grail of overflow liquid crystal

SamSung LA40A550P1R

Product characteristic: SamSung LA40A550P1R has black tall bright linear frame, contracted, medium the quadrature in compasses. LA40A550P1R made great efforts on colour expression, mixed many new technologies, the picture pledges expression is intermediate level, the picture is connected fully, colour is gorgeous, brightness is taller, fast bright picture feels pretty good character.

Recommend reason: 40/42 inch in completely high-definition type, drop the type of broken 8K does not have a few, although adulteration of TV of SamSung LA40A550P1R liquid crystal uses PVA and Taiwan face plate, but its a Zhou Dajiang more than 1000 yuan, with KLV-40V440A of foregoing adversary Suo Ni