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See punctual machine move flat depreciated in August seniority TOP10

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As the end of royal sports match, each sell also begin to comb and the sale status during summing up a contest. Among them, flat TV is the biggest win the home. Big in during electric equipment announces first Olympic Games the day before yesterday, home appliance sells a report to show, during whole Olympic Games, the sale is most hot should belong to flat TV, 7, the sale promoted than last year August 121% . In the meantime, color television of Su Ning big screen grows more than 300% compared to the same period, sales volume of TV of national beautiful flat grows nearly double compared to the same period.

See punctual machine move flat depreciated in August seniority TOP10

We understand, at present big in electric equipment 40/42 inch model of part of homebred liquid crystal already fell to be controlled to 5000 yuan, 46/47 inch joint-stock brand is centered in 9000-12000 more yuan interval. National beautiful field, below the pine taste 42 inches of plasma newly (model should drop for 42PV8C) price defeat 8000 yuan, samSung 46 inches of high-definition liquid crystal also drop to 10 thousand yuan to come forward.

Turn one's head is about to go August, emerge really the flat TV that revealed a few overflow, no matter be in,fall and on price reflect very satisfactory. We look to have which 5 type together today, selected our TOP10 is ranked.