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The station is be expert at employment is peak TV of flat of 20 thousand yuan of

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From the point of current flat TV prices, although the sales volume of flat TV market of home is at present major,be in centrally in low end type, but the public figure with powerful purchasing power still also is some, high-end market nots allow numerous manufacturer negligence, after all the profit margin of high-end product wants outclass in low end product. But salty fish also is mixed sell the sale prattle of field to pass, actually the flat TV of high-end model is for him start shooting only of the brand famous degree, to the assurance of the market or vest in valence comparing compares those sexes a little tall.

Then actually from sales volume of domestic flat TV the analysis looks, the perfect effort that because color television creates a company,goes up in the technology, no matter be liquid crystal or plasma TV in the technology of main index change finished a lot of work, what fasten like plasma is perfect, of 32 inches of plasma come out broke plasma to be able to do big situation only, although be on the technology,return existence sex price to compare the difference that go up with TV of small size liquid crystal but quits ion is in the awkward situation of home market alleviates somewhat. The adjustment that to get used to a country additionally high-definition standard undertook a technology go up to TV of 42 inches of plasma is seasonable those who realized TV of 42 inches of plasma is high-definition change; And of technology of 120Hz of liquid crystal TV gain ground, of product a group of people of same interest completely high-definition the intention that changed the growth that also consumes demand to be driven further to have add fuel to the fire.

The station is be expert at employment is peak TV of flat of 20 thousand yuan of high end is commented on

TV of flat of 20 thousand yuan of high end

Resemble in front what say in that way, this kind of high end flat TV is the doubt that do not have commonplace really on picture show ability again, but its high price or the mainstream model that cannot make they make market of this flat TV.

The product that so many appearance turns the flat TV that faces market to go up and function, a lot of consumer often do not know how to move. Small make up selling an understanding to arrive, before a lot of consumer are buying flat, want to be compared repeatedly, go there and back frequently sell, take time does not say painfully, return may not to buy truly gratified product, recommend machine of a few big moneys for everybody here that today, although suit the crowd is not much, but full the good luck of seeing sth rare is possible still.