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Touch flat tempest hard 5 provide TV of actual strength liquid crystal to commen

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Near future author wants to buy TV of a flat, it is for pace of follow closely times, the CRT in the home should fall into disuse really; 2 it is Olympic Games wind blows flat TV market, the price is lower and lower, be being bought now should be righter time. After the intense struggle that buys liquid crystal or plasma in the course, the author decides to buy liquid crystal TV, because sitting room area has 18 to make the same score rice only, 37-42 inch TV enough is contented, have an advantage quite on large size in view of plasma, so the author's cubby still matchs a liquid crystal more appropriate.

Since had a choice,select a product with respect to this, the author chooses the condition of the product: 1, dimension is in 37-42 inch between; 2, the price is in of 7000 less than; 3, completely high-definition product. The person that the pen follows below looks together satisfy these a few conditions to have what product.

Choose fully one: Xia Pu LCD-37BX5

Referenced price: 6480 yuan

The author when seeing value of TV of liquid crystal of Xia Pu LCD-37BX5 ate one Jing, did not think of Xia Pu also has so low price, the TV of new-style date liquid crystal that thinks of Xia Pu 8 years nevertheless had appeared on the market in succession, old model product is faced with next city, price suffer a disastrous decline also appears very natural. The price of this product sex after depreciating is compared really tall many, can select a product as equipment.

Touch flat tempest hard 5 provide TV of actual strength liquid crystal to comment on most

TV of liquid crystal of Xia Pu LCD-37BX5

Xia Pu 37BX5 delays the surface color that used summerly general convention and design, horizontal unifinication sound box and U base reveals the distinguishing feature that reflected Xia Pu. This TV used liquid crystal screen of Xia Pu, have 1366 × the resolution of 768, the brightness of 450cd/m2, 1200:1contrast, of 6ms answer time and 176 degrees can be angle. Xia Pu 37BX5 still has 3D pectination filter, reduce a confusion of voices apparently dot and toothed, appear to paint qualitative picture higher, provide more careful picture.

Interface respect, xia Pu 37BX5 has 1 group of TV interface of 2 groups of input of 1 group of heft of 2 groups of terminal of 1 group of input of input, 2 groups of AV, S, chromatism, D-Sub, HDMI and port of 1 group of PC and port of 1 group of RS-232C, can satisfy requirement of domestic number recreational completely.

Author view: Although this TV is earlier model, but to Xia Pu for 37 inches 720p product, the price has bigger allure, in author heart Xia Pu is the price all the time high quality expensive product, the word that if this product depreciates not to fall,pledges is really right, what regret exclusively is exterior design not quite the aesthetic viewpoint that accords with the author.
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