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The sales promotion after the Olympic Games is ceaseless the near future falls a

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The Olympic Games ends a week, the baronial dimensions, wonderful impression that opens closure to leave profundity to world each country. Come to receive the Olympic Games, flat TV once pledged in technology, picture wait for a respect to be improved ceaselessly, the market before Jiashangzhi energetically sales promotion, flat TV really fire. And after Olympic Games respond to a curtain call, if imagine medium depression,flat market is done not have, flat TV new low is ceaseless last week emerge in large numbers, the amplitude modulation below the price makes a lot of consumer fab, whether to depreciate again tide came again, be worth to pay close attention to very much. Introduce to depreciate last week for you below a few model with bigger range.

Gorgeous liquid crystal of Suo Ni 32S400A 3800 yuan

32S400A is Suo Ni roll out " the 2nd TV " notional child, although it did not provide completely high-definition screen, but still pass what gorgeous design won a batch of customer to love, this type had been in a few days ago 100 think of buy sell, price is 3800 yuan.

The sales promotion after the Olympic Games is ceaseless the near future falls a the largest slab

TV of liquid crystal of Suo Ni 32S400A

Suo Ni 32S400A this TV is opposite as a result of what face the user that seems domestic bedroom step, so the control on dimension is in 32 inches, not great not little just in time, and still matched 5 kinds of colour can offer an alternative: Elegant silver, luxuriant pink, move feeling is blue, clever orange of green, vigor, so rich color also provided more choice margin to consumer. TV of liquid crystal of Suo Ni 32S400A used 16: The wide screen of 9 is designed, resolution is 1366x768, image processing respect matched image of Suo Ni's exclusive BRAVIA ENGINE 2 handles engine, in addition, still carried such as CCFL to carry illuminant, intelligence on the back image adjustment function, smooth feeling implement - be in a poor light self-adjusting function, can shine to change silently according to indoor light, the brightness of self-correcting television, improve an appearance view and admire easy measurable.

Interface respect, this TV also deployed Suo Ni 32S400A a few common interface: Interface of video of interface of interface of 3 groups of HDMI, S terminal, AV, VGA interface, heft and TV are inputted.

Comment on: This machine can be a the price in TV of 32 inches of liquid crystal is the cheapest, although did not provide completely high-definition screen, but the brand of its conspicuous exterior and Suo Ni assures, believe a lot of people are enchanted. At present the 4000 prices that be less than still have depreciating space absolutely, favorite friend can be in wait a moment.
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