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Drop into TV of flat of week of cereal a copy for the record or for reproduction

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This Home Zhou Zaida is nervous when paying close attention to match project, also began to depreciate in flat TV market than going all out, no matter be liquid crystal TV, still put in the quantity to compare little plasma TV, this Zhou Dou has more apparent reducing, and very small position also is in on the price.

Drop into TV of flat of week of cereal a copy for the record or for reproduction to depreciate in succession pop chart

It is usually appear on the market in the product time is longer, the product below the circumstance with product relatively can backward sex just can appear the depreciating that delivers range, and the product this year is in or advocate those who push is new when tasting, already the upsurge that the beginning of too impatient to wait walks along low, the most apparent is the 42PV8C below the pine, this product. From since just beginning to appear on the market, had dropped continuously several second, and the price is already low control to 6000 yuan, it is overflow very.

In respect of liquid crystal TV, go up in TV of large size liquid crystal this year depreciating still is apparent, especially TV of 52 inches of liquid crystal, of card of home made product depreciating still is very mad, lowest has fallen 12999 yuan, the TV of 52 inches of liquid crystal of this week still has depreciate the space of extent, make us detailed understand, this week flat TV depreciates circumstance.