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Much screen of Appian Rushmore PC shows clip

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Much screen of Appian Rushmore PC shows clip

Referenced quote: Of short duration is not had
Product category: Much screen gets stuck
Manufacturer: Appian
Support the biggest resolution: 1900x1200
Assign screen number: 4
Indication output:
User product is recommended degree

The product sees product of library of figure of product parameter product quote the product evaluates article elite comment quite without exception
Main norms
The number that divide hold 4
Interface type is compositive DVI
Indication memory (MB/ screen) 64
Other standards
Support 1900x1200 of the biggest resolution

Need a PCI to insert groove only can outspread desktop is 4 monitor
The PCI of 1/2 length makes the computer on compatible desk
64MB DDR SGRAM of the largest support is shown put
Use much screen of two Appian AGX to show graphical accelerator
Its DirectX, directDraw, support of Direct3D And OpenGL crosses screen to show
Compositive DVI accepts ventriloquial method
Originality comes from a space
Appian Rushmore is a kind of workstation demonstrates graphic card. It is editing and rearrangement of banker, businessman, video only user or the use person that any other need much screen to show a solution and design.

Complete much screen solution
The solution that Appian offers has: High-powered graphic card, much screen serves software of Hydravision of the patent when the province and major and support. And particular Appian offers AppianXtras exceed strong much hold to show suit tool, make your eye shot more capacious, those who use more handy.

Do not take up more the space that insert groove
Appian Rushmore allows you to be inserted with only groove can join and start 4 monitor. Obligate space can give other major hardware to use. Use accelerator of graph of two AppianAGXTM much screen, can obtain clinking 2D and 3D to quicken function.

Complete Windows photograph is allowed
AppianX is to be based on Windows 2000 Professional, passed the WHQL attestation of Microsoft, can assure complete compatibility to you. Adding AppianAGX graph accelerator is the only much screen on market shows processor, and be what be approbated by Windows is muti_function equipment. Accordingly, you can enjoy the joy that its optimum behavior brings.

The desktop with powerful function runs a system
The HydraVision software that Appian provides lets you undertake through defining the placement of program window and dialog box screen runs message crossing, sum the character when shortcut key function and other are saved, will aid you to work richer benefit.

Industry dominant position
Because the banner technology of Appian reachs calculable high quality product to already enjoyed great reputation in industry, manufacturer of world main computer is like Compaq, dell, also recommend Appian product Hewlett-Packard and IBM for its client at the same time.
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