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Appian Gemini much screen shows clip

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Appian Gemini much screen shows clip

Referenced quote: Of short duration is not had
Product category: Much screen gets stuck
Manufacturer: Appian
Support the biggest resolution: 1280x1024
Interface type: Support DVI
Indication memory: 16
User product is recommended degree

The product sees product of library of figure of product parameter product quote the product evaluates article elite comment quite without exception
Main norms
The number that divide hold 2
Interface type supports DVI
Indication memory (MB/ screen) 16
Other standards
Support 1280x1024 of the biggest resolution

AGP(NLX of output of 16MB SGRAM· double monitor or ATX structure) or PCI inserts groove
High-powered image is quickened
Aleatoric video input makes type (be restricted Windows NT 4.0)
Digital video supports DVI version
Originality comes from a space
Appian Gemini Shuang Bing got stuck to offer emulative price to need the PC user of high-powered solution. Have more spreading out space, you can organize information better, it is more efficient recipe.

Complete much screen solution
Appian offers: Much screen serves HydraVision software and major and support. And particular Appian offers AppianXtras of tool of major of a many screen, make you eye shot wider, efficiency is taller.

Powerful motive force needs odd chamfer only
Appian Gemini is graphic card of odd chamfer 16MB SGRAM. Gemini uses processor of image of a S3 Savage/MX to realize Shuang Bing output and 2D image are quickened.

Enhance indication function
High resolution shows, plug and Play is compatible, supportive video input and DirectX hardware are compressed, the indication task that makes Appian Gemini competency complex.

Broadcast video on your monitor directly
Optional Appian TV tuner offers complete video to broadcast a solution, include to choose and show on your monitor real time video or TV channel.

Completely compatible Windows
Gemini is completely compatible Windows 98/NT 4.0 and Windows 2000; Gemini has the WHQL proof of Windows 98 and Windows NT 4.0.

Powerful desktop manages
Appian HydraVision software lets you set the placement of Windows and dialog box, let you span your much screen desktop runs message. The characteristic of hot key shortcut key and other and economic time helps you work richer efficiency.

Leadership position
Appian card because their dependability and banner applied technology, professional PC manufacturer is like Dell, HP, IBM and Compaq offer Appian to block their client.

Standards of Appian Gemini technology
Attention: The newest resolution of following Gemini and refresh rate and user reference manual perhaps have a bit different. Add mode support needs new drive form to upgrade.
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