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Actor is sent (VIEWSONIC) actor sends N3750W

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Referenced quoteActor is sent (VIEWSONIC) actor sends N3750W: 9899
Product category: Liquid crystal TV
Manufacturer: Actor is sent (VIEWSONIC)
Contrast: 1000: 1
Weight: Suttle: 26.4, gross weight: 31.4
Screen resolution: 1366×768
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Technical parameter
Screen dimension (inch) 37
Screen scale 16:9
Screen resolution 1366×768
Reaction time (Ms) 8
Brightness 500
Contrast 1000: 1
Be in a poor light life 60000 hours
Can inspect angle level 170 degrees / perpendicular 170 degrees
Input output
Receive the PAL that make type, NTSC
Sound outputs power 10W×2
Input terminal RCA inputs ×2, 3.5mm stereo inputs ×1, RCA×1 (YPbPr/YCbCr) , HDMIx1, 15 needles D-Sub×1, s video: 4Needle ×1
Output terminal 1 pair of RCA (L/R) , CVBS
Electric norms
100-240V of power source requirement (50/60Hz)
Power comsumption (W) <270W, bide one's time <5W
Exterior parameter
Exterior dimension (Mm) 942 X 726 X 295 Mm (contains base)
Weight (Kg) is suttle: 26.4, gross weight: 31.4

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