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Actor is sent (VIEWSONIC) actor sends PJ756

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Actor is sent (VIEWSONIC) actor sends PJ756

Referenced quote: 8350
Product category: Projector
Manufacturer: Actor is sent (VIEWSONIC)
Length: 278
Width: 294
Nominal brightness (ANSI lumen) : 2500
User product is recommended degree

The product sees product of library of figure of product parameter product quote the product evaluates article elite comment quite without exception
Optical norms
Conference of projector type education
Umbriferous technology LCD
Technical type and norms 0.7 inches of polycrystalline silicon (×3)
Nominal brightness (ANSI lumen) 2500
Standard resolution 1024×768
1600×1200 of the biggest resolution
Contrast 600: 1
Umbriferous norms
Hand of umbriferous camera lens moves fusion anxious 1:1.2 times
Nominal brightness is worth equably 90%
Umbriferous picture dimension 0.762- - 6.6 meters
Umbriferous distance (rice) 1.25- - 8.8
Screen aspect ratio exemple 4: 3 (compatible 16: 9)
Colour 16.77 million
Umbriferous means is being cast / the back is cast / condole supports
Adjust functional level perpendicular echelon is correctional
Wireless and umbriferous function supports
Duan Shuiping of effective scanning frequency: 15-100KHz, perpendicular: 43-120Hz
Input terminal imitate RGB 15-pin HD, mini-Jack X 1 of signal of RAC(×3) of signal of RAC(×1) of D-sub (x1) , DVI-I, compound video, chromatism, S-Video Mini-Din 4 Pin(×1) , frequency
Output terminal imitate RGB 15-pin HD, 3.5mm(x1 of signal of D-sub(x1) , frequency)
Electric norms
Power source 100-240 V, 50/60Hz
Power comsumption (W) 270W/250W
Noise (DB) 27
Install compasses and compatibility
PC and machine of its look look plant computer compatibility
NTSC/PAL/SECAM of video signal means
Menu language supports Chinese
Safe attestation CCC
Bulb 160W UHB
Bulb life (hour) 3000
The remote controller is wireless remote controller
Loudhailer 1×2W
PC card inserts groove to not have
Cable of AV of cable of wire of cable of cable of standard fittings power source, computer cable, terminal of remote controller, S, USB, dry cell is over cap of 5 X2, camera lens, operation instruction handbook, portable bag
Other and characteristic hoisting is automatic video adjustment, the picture in the picture, the level is perpendicular echelon is correctional
Exterior parameter
Weight (Kg) 3.2
Length (Mm) 278
Width (Mm) 294
Height (Mm) 104

Weight is light, mobile freely can come on stage at any time brief
Series of ViewSonic action business affairs projector, be often Yuduohui discusses vacillate between the room, the optimal associate of personage of different brief circumstance, brief, true high resolution is behaved, appear a meticulous picture and video. Its stone's throw and shrink put a function, add digital echelon to amend a function, any environments can rise to the occasion, the brief choice that allows you is collected professional.
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