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Below the pine (the BL-C10 below Panasonic) pine

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Below the pine (the BL-C10 below Panasonic) pine

Referenced quote: 4000
Product category: Network pickup camera
Manufacturer: Below the pine (Panasonic)
Video is missing diagnose:
Image reduces rate: Most be as high as 15 hardwood / second
User product is recommended degree

The product sees product of library of figure of product parameter product quote the product evaluates article elite comment quite without exception
Hardware function
Produce category network camera
Operating system Windows 98SE, windows NT or Windows 2000, windows XP, windows Me
Network environment
Network agreement TCP, UDP, IP, HTTP, FTP, SMTP, DHCP, DNS, ARP, ICMP, POP3
10/100 Base-TX of net of LAN interface aether
Image is compressed
Picture resolution 640×480/320×240/160×120
Image compresses means JPEG, motion JPEG
Image compresses grade 3 Level
Image reduces rate most be as high as 15 hardwood / second
Indication dimension supports Quan Bing
Other parameter
Camera function 1/4″CCD, 320, 000 resemble aperture of element, F2.8, intensity of illumination: 1-10, 000 Lux
Illuminance 1-10, 000 Lux
Software upgrades can undertake upgrading through LAN port
Security tells an user for administrator and general (amount to 50) offer door renown / password test and verify
Alarm is inputted / output calls the police input, call the police output
10/100 Base-TX of net of aether of alarm network interface
Adapter of power source AC inputs: Output of AC 100-240V / : 12 VDC
Exterior parameter
Install means metope hoisting, tripod installation
Dimension (Mm) 74×98×61
Weight (G) 160

BL-C10 not only because installation has human body inductor, have the photograph that turns over in season around in inductor happening to have deferent function, still can conceal lens at the same time, like if use personal computer,can controlling this to photograph the shift that whether opens lens to undertake monitoring returning can dominating scene like the head and roll to be just like scanning through the network not only. The user that its network monitors the function needs surveillant household worth and other security to those jobs is very useful.

Of camera it is like element 320 thousand like element (Tokyo IT notes: Resemble the fluent transmission) that element goes against data too high to go up in the network, pair of anxious limits of camera lens it is 0.5m ~ ∞ , aperture value is F2.8, photograph the rotational point of view that resembles a head to control 43 degrees, get on below 32 degrees. Direction of PAN left and right sides is spent for ±50, gradient is + 10 degrees / - 40 degrees or so, with PAN means scanning, the slewing speed of camera lens is 毎 second 50 degrees. Intensity of illumination of the lowest when filming is 1 lux, in the light very bad situation falls also can very good film (the intensity of illumination of the digital watch for an opportunity that has infra-red photography and digital camera lowest is 0 lux) , additionally the horizontal way of human body inductor makes an appointment with 30 degrees, perpendicular direction makes an appointment with 80 degrees, OK inside the distance of 5M induction (detect temperature limits controls) in 20 degrees. The compression of the picture the form is JPEG(Motion JPEG) , resolution most greatly the 3 sort such as 640×480/320×240/160×120, draw qualitative sort to have 3 kinds, ordinal pledge for the picture preferential / standard / the act is first etc. The newer rate of the picture is 640×480, 毎 second the circumstance of 7.5 pictures, other is 毎 second 15 pictures (fluenter) , the network transmits supportive agreement to have TCP, UDP, IP, HTTP, FTP, SMTP, DHCP, DNS, ARP, ICMP, the correspondence such as POP3, the largest visit number is 20(most the visit pattern of correspondence of 50 kinds of countersign is likely)
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