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Peaceful and (TYHO) peaceful and IPCAM CM5100D

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Peaceful and (TYHO) peaceful and IPCAM CM5100D

Referenced quote: Of short duration is not had
Product category: Network pickup camera
Manufacturer: Peaceful and (TYHO)
Indication dimension: Support Quan Bing
Alarm network interface: RJ-45
Image reduces rate: Most be as high as 30 hardwood (single site)
User product is recommended degree

The product sees product of library of figure of product parameter product quote the product evaluates article elite comment quite without exception
Hardware function
Produce category network camera
CPU 32Bit RSIC Embedded Processor
Flash Memory 8Mbyte
DRAM 16Mbyte
Operating system Embedded Linux
Network environment
Network agreement TCP/IP, HTTP, ARP, RARP, ICMP, DHCP, FTP, SMTP
LAN interface Ethernet (10/100 Base-T)
Image is compressed
Picture resolution 720*486, 720*243, 360*243, 180*121
Image compresses means MPEG-4
Image compresses grade 4 Level
Image reduces rate most be as high as 30 hardwood (single site)
Indication dimension supports Quan Bing
Other parameter
Camera function 1/3 " SONY CCD, 480 lines, secure aperture, focal length 3 ~ 8mm
Letter a confusion of voices compares 48dB
Illuminance 0.1 Lux
Software upgrades can upgrade through LAN port
Security password is protected, IP address manages
Video is inputted / output passageway of a BNC to input / output of passageway of a BNC
Alarm is inputted / output 4 In / 1 Out (N.O/N.C Selectable)
RJ-45 of alarm network interface
Pan/Tilt/Zoom controls RS 485 remotely
Video is missing it is OK to diagnose
It is OK that trends is diagnosed
Power source 12V DC
Exterior parameter
Installation means is wall hung
Dimension (Mm) 128×92×35
Weight (G) 188

TYHO IPCam CM-5100D is camera of server of module of CCD of the one buy inside the paragraph, network and an organic whole that the net blocks network. TYHO IPCam CM-5100D is the video supervisory equipment of a newest concept, it needs to join power source and reticle can work only, what do not need any other computers is auxiliary. The user uses a PC to pass IE in Internet end or Netscape can watch the surveillant picture of high quality namely, do not need have the aid of any other software. Of the function according to client side computer and network bandwidth different, the user can be watched in real time highest amount to 30 frame / the image of the second, and it still was offerred call the police detect, motion is diagnosed wait for a function, still provide cache picture when state of alarm and EMail arrives the function of your mailbox. TYHO IPCam CM-5100D can cooperate software of appropriative supervisory system, the user can examine the picture that amounts to 16 to differ at the same time through software
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