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The net is moved (Iactive) net uses system of multimedia video conference

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Quick and convenient program shares: The applied process that the spokesman can open current this locality shares the person that all and long-range ginseng is met, can grant random the person that other ginseng is met operation limits of authority, realize long-range interactive operation.
The speech stalks of grain: Can upload the lecture notes of this locality the server and open with synchronism of the person that all attending the meeting, of convenient conference undertake. Uploading speech draft can choose to be changed into the fictitious format that print, HTML format, implementation is examined without the lecture notes of defer.
Powerful conference assists a function: Supportive program is shared, the electron is white board, browse in coordination, the file is sent, a variety of data such as speech draft synchronism share means; Supportive character chats, electronic raise one's hand, expression is communicated, conference transcribe and time put, the conference is voting, shed media file to broadcast wait for a variety of auxiliary functions.
Install remotely: Island of leisurely of carbonyl of bursa of Yuan Yuesong barium chooses the end talk about aspic of sex of  of  of bad Mou Wen to lie beach of aspic of fleabane of Shan of  of shaddock boundless and indistinct barium of cough rising abruptly obtains Zhuang Gou on land! ?
The video of a variety of mode annulus make one's rounds: Enlighten brother's son  Wo Ke > solemn handleless cup not arm of handleless cup of month of what of ⒖ of  of Bo of handleless cup of Pi swollen withered deceive of shaddock of the orangutan that jump over  ?
Log onto the entrance quickly: Calf of ㄑ of Bi of word of collect of instrument of be ignorant of of take along sth to sb having enough dash forward shovel of male of small car of Gan of Mei of  of Ф the Song Dynasty already doesn't Wen of award of oxime grave  have flesh of shovel of Э stew vulgar?
Concise conference informs:

[function characteristic]
◆ supports server group framework, come true not the hot backup of look of enlarge of user of set limit to and system and load are balanced
◆ is based on video of advanced H.264, MPEG-4 to compress algorithm, did a large number of optimizing on this foundation, make the product has most outstanding video effect
◆ supports frequency of enharmonic of G.723.1, G.721, G.723 to compress algorithm, take up less bandwidth can achieve former sound acoustic quality
◆ can accept the system of hardware video conference of H.323 agreement, protective user is inherent investment; Support those who secure phone, mobile phone to breathe out to participate in video conference into expiration
◆ supports audit function, below local area network or specific network requirement, support not the user audit of set limit to, and do not increase network burden
◆ supports remote control of long-range cloud stage, supportive cloud stage beforehand buy function, implementation controls camera remotely
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