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Peaceful and (TYHO) peaceful and IPCAM CM5100D

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Diagnostic description
. Use MPEG-4 video to reduce kind
. Use ADPCM frequency to reduce kind, have speech to monitor a function
. Picture resolution D1, CIF, FIELD, QCIF is optional
. Buy WEB SEVER supports IE to browse inside
. Supportive PPPOE and dynamic domain name are analytic
. Video frame is led but according to bandwidth self-adjusting
. Can different ground kinescope and catch pat
. Support long-range Yun Jing to control
. Have the opportunity that prevent delay, restore a function automatically
. Offer much picture freely to run software, can realize inspect on the net many a little bit to look, different ground kinescope, time put wait for a function

Use range
Dynamic homepage: Offer a webpage image of real time trends
Bank monitoring: Bank and take money system automatically
School monitoring: The library or student apartment, the playground reachs nursery school, facilitating parent understands filial study situation in real time
Company monitoring: Apply to company headquarters to be opposite the monitoring of each branches
Long-range monitoring: Transmission distance is infinite, enhance monitoring function
Industrial monitoring: Automation line monitoring, storehouse is superintended
Floor space monitoring: The monitoring of commercial office building or residential village
Traffic is surveillant: To road transportation 24 hours censorial
Atmosphere monitoring: To monitoring of specific area atmosphere, data analysis
Call the police test and verify: But censorial to getting monitoring end 24 hours
Other target: Ward, the airport, unmanned value is defended

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