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October moves again price of popular flat TV goes situation forecast

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Each sell greatly recently in 8, the product of most September brand is in money status. A lot of friends fail to buy liked TV product in time accordingly, nevertheless also because such, most friend puts the view to 11. According to the convention, week of 11 sales promotion can fall with be annual price a the biggest one second sales promotion, no matter consumer still is a businessman, can take seriously quite.

Basis before the strength of 11 sales promotion, go with the price situation, we will be current 5 the most popular model did the price to forecast, the reader mights as well come to those who see us calculate the psychological price that reachs you.

   TOP 5: Toshiba 46XF300C

Calculate value: 11990 ~ 12990 yuan

Forecast an explanation: Toshiba the characteristic of TV of this 46XF300C liquid crystal is to exceed narrow frame and driving performance, have 1920 × the resolution of top class physics of 1080, can join through HDMI PC achieves a dot to show to the dot. Liquid crystal face plate uses 10bit technology, make colour excessive more flowing, have technology of wide colour gamut and image of Toshiba Meta Brain Pro to handle engine at the same time, what differ with C3000C series is, XF300C series supports PAL 100Hz refresh, can reduce liquid crystal face plate effectively pull end, can saying is Toshiba an apple-pie high-end type, this machine is in appear on the market during new year's day this year, experienced half an year much ablution and a few twists and turns, and the price almost from appear on the market to be done not have now too big fluctuant, we forecast place desire this machine will be in 11 serve as somewhat, believe each sell a meeting to give the sales promotion that has greater strength greatly, so 12990 yuan lower even it is completely possible.

October moves again price of popular flat TV goes situation forecast
TV of Toshiba 46XF300C liquid crystal sells a fact to pat

Style of type of Toshiba 46XF300C product (a variety of color are optional) screen dimension 16:9 of scale of 46 inches of screenResolution 1080 shows 1920 × to handle a technology like image of technical 10bit whole process
Technology of wide colour gamutEngine of processing of image of Meta Brain Pro and laser twinkling mirror technology of 120Hz of face plate of 10bit of function of screen of PAL 100Hz technology to support exterior of interface of edition of input terminal HDMI1.3 to design Hei Hegong
Of 25mm narrow frame

Toshiba 46XF300C
[Calculate the value] 12990 yuan
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